Kairo Prison Ministry

Parishioners Larry Sladek and Deacon Mark Diner are participating in a 3-1/2 day Christian Retreat at Evans State Correctional Institute in Bennettsville, SC. on April 4-7th.

 The retreat introduces prisoners to a program of personal responsibility and Christian principals to live by.  Prisoners who go through this program are less likely to return to prison.  One component of the retreat is providing home-made cookies for the participants to snack on.  In addition, on Saturday we will go around the prison and give a bag of cookies to every prisoner.

Each of us on the retreat is responsible for 100 dozen cookies, so we need 200 dozen cookies.   I am asking for your help. Could you please make cookies and bring them to church before April 3rd?

  Please place each dozen in a separate ziplock bag.  Any type of cookie is fine, but it cannot contain nuts, fruits, raisins, or powdered sugar.  Please place the cookie bags in the designated box by the hospitality desk.  Please pray for all the participants that their minds and hearts be open to the Holy Spirit during the retreat and that their lives change.

Thank you for your help,

Larry Sladek & Deacon Mark Diener