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Message From Fr. John...

To my dear St. John Neumann Parish family: 

Do you do the same things that you did a year ago?  

Five years ago? Ten years ago? Probably not. 

Things change in our lives.  We may have different friends.  We might live in a different place that offers other things to us.  Even when we find something that we enjoy, sometimes it only lasts for a brief time and then we either lose interest in it or something else grabs our attention.  In our world there always seems to be a passing fad that grabs our attention for a little while and then a new fad comes along.  It’s the same with politics and morality in this world.  There always seems to be something new, a passing fad. 

Perhaps this is why the Lord tells us in the Book of Wisdom this week that “the deliberations of mortals are timid, and unsure of our plans.”  It’s because everything always seems to be changing and so we can never be sure of anything.  There is only one certainty on earth.  That is each of us will die.  Have we planned for that certainty?  Will we have the resources to complete our plans for eternal life or will we fall short of the grace that is necessary?  It’s as the Book of Wisdom tells us, “scarce do we guess the things on earth, but when the things are in heaven, who can search them out?”  Thank God, that he has revealed to us what is necessary to inherit eternal life.  Let us follow the Lord, carrying the crosses of life, that the Lord might make up for us what is lacking for our salvation.

Fr. John 

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