Prayer List

We offer up in prayer those on our list and all those we haven’t listed but know they are struggling.


Millie Bouchard
Dean Demmery
Esteban Gualpa
Amber Hochadel
Francisca Ortiz Jaime
David Leaverton
Mary Ann Maher
Douglas Ernesto
Henrique Midence
Jesus Panora
Rosa Panora
Sam Pappas
Candelaria Ayala de la Paz
Pauline Rieker
Betty Scanlon
Bernard Shaw
Clint Sites
Eden Sahle Tesfa




If you or someone you know would like to be on the prayer list, please notify the church office. God always hears our prayers and in His goodness blesses us with His Strength, love and Peace.
Si usted o conoce a alguien que le gustaría estar en la lista de oraciones, notifique a la oficina de la Iglesia. Dios siempre escucha nuestras oraciones y en Su bondad nos bendice con Su Fuerza, amor y Paz.